Our Mission
Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Eagle Wings Ranch is a small

horse rescue whose mission is to empower people to overcome challenges through authentic relationships, mentoring and interaction with rescued horses.  

Lessons & Events

We offer ranch tours and private riding lessons for a wide range of horsemanship skill levels. We also offer equine experiential education opportunities and specialized clinics.

Get Involved
Programs &Volunteers

Sponsorships, volunteers, and donations are integral to our work.  We have specialized programs for young women and for military and first responders.

Empowering People and Horses Toward Healing

Shanin Moore

Director and Trainer

Shanin is a co-founder and Director of Eagle Wings Ranch.  She has certifications in Equine Facilities Management, as an instructor in Equine Assisted Education, and with CHA as an English Western Instructor. 


Meet Our Crew

Marilyn Coffey

Trainer and Mentor

Marilyn has served as an instructor/trainer with a variety of programs.  She is a CHA Clinician and Master Instructor.  She approaches training with the mindset that the horse is a direct reflection of the rider's own biomehanics.  

Lesson Horses


We intercepted Cinnamon at auction.  She was very defensive when she arrived.  With time and patience she learned to carry a bit again and is now a reliable and consistent lesson horse.  She especially loves children.



Cheyenne came to Eagle Wings when she was around 15 years old. She has a "rocking-horse" canter  and is a favorite with beginner to advanced riders.


Sunny came to us malnourished (a body scale of 1) with a newborn colt at her side. She was so sick that she looked old beyond her years when she was really only three years old.  She is an exceptionally quiet and gentle horse.



Nora was one of the first horses we rescued.  She has been in the lesson program almost from the beginning and has carried many a rider at the Ranch.  Her quiet, smart spirit serves our intermediate to advanced riders well.



Dozer served his community as part of the Dallas Mounted Police Force and was retired in 2015.  He is a Percheron-Thoroughbred cross of a gentle giant at 17 hands.  He is a quick thinker and eager to please his rider.



These horses are the hardest working on our crew.  They are in regular training with the instructors in addition to their work providing a variety of lessons at diverse difficulty levels. You can learn more about each of our horses