Wild Horses in Black & White


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   Eagle Wings Ranch is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing horses and helping people.  The Ranch houses a diverse group of donated and rescued horses that are safe for interaction with children and those without any horse experience.  

  We began rescuing horses in April 2015.  Each horse arrived frightened and bewildered; needing love, attention and respect.  They have settled in, with secrets and wounds that are not reflected in their now-shiny coats, but every now and then a flinch or wild stare expresses their past trauma.  The challenge of our work is rewarding and the healing beyond wondrous. Each of our horses teach us, and our clients, how to mount up on wings like eagles.  We want every visitor to experience our horses and land in a way that encourages and empowers them toward hope and healing. 

  Therefore, we offer lessons to everyone ages seven and up.  We believe the powerful connection between people and horses is transformational.   Through horsemanship, we develop character, learn ethics and responsibility, grow physically and emotionally, and discover ourselves. Our own lives improve as we improve those of our horses.

Our hope is that proceeds from our regular paid lesson program will enable us to provide a hands-on, experience-based learning environment to people who have experienced trauma, such as:

Children in Foster Care                                                Women from Abusive Relationships

Disabled Veterans                                                          Persons Living with Chronic Illness

Individuals Processing Grief / Loss 

The vision of EWR is to inspire hope and encourage healing in the hearts, minds and souls of injured horses and hurting people by sharing the redeeming love of Christ with them.  We seek to be a SAFE place for people and horses to grow.

Rescue the Equine

Restore the Broken

Strengthen the Family

Empower the Individual