We offer riding lessons, groundwork lessons and horsemanship clinics for students age 7 and older.  The proceeds are utilized to care for our rescued horses and fund our ministry programs enabling us to offer them free of charge and/or at reduced costs to participants.  Please go to the Scheduling tab to book your lessons.

Riding Lessons and Clinics

Private Riding Lesson

We offer horsemanship lessons for a variety of skill levels with certified riding instructors. 

SAFETY is our top priority. 

Lessons are available to students as young as

7 years old.  

Our lessons are 30 minutes in duration and cost $55.00.  

We are currently conducting lessons on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and two Saturdays each month.

24 hour notice required for cancellation.

Our lessons are conducted in either our outdoor arena, the round pen, or our indoor arena sheltered from  Oklahoma's varied weather conditions.  

We encourage our students to be involved in catching, grooming, tacking, and warming up the horse as part of their lesson giving them the entire experience if that is what they desire. 

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Engaging in groundwork lessons builds confidence in people.  Learn skills to connect with the horse both in and out of the saddle.  You have the option to bring in your own horse to grow in skills to communicate with your horse.


Ranch Tours and Interviews

We welcome visitors and encourage a 30 minute tour of the Ranch. Please schedule at least two days in advance.

We love our volunteers! 

If you would like to join us in our mission, please schedule a volunteer interview to learn more about the opportunities available and so we can get to know you.  

We do a background check on those interested in our volunteer/mentoring programs.

Groundwork Lessons


Equine Experiential Education

​Equine Experiential Education is a methodology in which facilitators engage with participants in a direct experience with equines, goal based activities, and focused reflection on the experience in order to increase knowledge, develop skills and clarify values. Equine experiential training may be offered in a one-on-one setting or in a group setting. Training is custom tailored to meet the goals of educational institutions, organizations, companies or corporations as part of their leadership and team training processes. The activities are interactive, unmounted and require no prior horse experience. They utilize the process of building a bond and relationship with a horse to discovery the participants patterns of communication, leadership skills and problem solving skills. How individuals approach the activity carries back to their home and workplace in new awareness of productive behaviors and specific, measurable team action items.  Please go to the Scheduling tab to book your appointment.